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Corporate gift giving used to be something only utilized once in a blue moon and usually around the holiday periods. At least that was the case in most countries. Although some countries have always had corporate gift ideas and gift giving traditions, it seems the rest of the world is only just catching on.

We provide some of the best corporate gifts Hong Kong has to offer, we know that gift giving can help companies build long-lasting relationships. You might be wondering where to start and panicking you don’t know your clients personal tastes. Fortunately, there are a number of gifts that work well in business circles.

Check out the top 5 corporate gift ideas below to ensure you make a great impression.

1. Custom Corporate Gifts

Custom corporate gifts really are a 2 in 1 solution. These can be anything from the cheaper options such as pens with the company details on, calendars are also very common. Many printing companies do bags, other accessories, and apparel if you want something that showcases your business’ logo and commitment to quality.

2. Events and Outings

While these are certainly a more expensive gift option, isn’t that what company expenses are for? Taking a client to dinner as a thank you, taking them to see a show or sport you know they like or hosting an annual BBQ or another event that you and your business can be remembered for is sure to keep your clients happy.

corporate gifts hong kong 02 - 5 Corporate gift ideas that work in Hong Kong

3. Luxury Food Items

What would this list be without food, just be sure to keep in mind any dietary requirements due to health, religion or lifestyle. Some of the most popular corporate gifts Hong Kong boasts are seen as delicacies, think dried scallops and sea cucumbers, so try to keep it local where possible to show good ethics and relevant to your business where you can.

Chocolate is of course still a popular choice, remember to go premium and pick a company that shares your values, many companies can do many forms of personalization on these kinds of gifts.

4. Drinks and Glassware

Corporate gift giving has a long history rooted around drinks and glassware. Lots of glassware is customized with specific dates, a company logo or other points of significance.

While not everybody drinks alcohol, we recognize that a fine bottle of Scotch or Cognac for example is usually gratefully accepted among those who do! Consider getting bottles engraved for a brand boost.

Selections of tea and coffee from ethical brands or bespoke soft beverages from local or organic producers gives things a more personal touch. All long-lasting relationships are built around human connection and common bonds, so anytime your business can extend thought and goodwill it is going to be genuinely appreciated and more importantly remembered.

Authenticity is the only real way to give a corporate gift, that leaves a lasting impression, corporate gifts supports honest professionals who give expecting nothing in return.

5. Gifts That Give Back

Being ethically aware and socially conscious has never been more important in business, show you care by giving a gift from a company that employees and empowers the disadvantaged, utilizes sustainable materials or support those in need through gift selections offered by well known non profits.

Smaller gifts like high quality stationery, socks, robes and other well-sourced clothing, for fitness enthusiasts hoodies and sweats are easily found. Water bottles, homewares such as kitchen towels, napkins, and coasters made in every style imaginable, personalize with company photos, logos or a monogram to make clients feel special.

In times where you feel a gift isn’t appropriate or want show your appreciation at a moment’s notice. A beautiful card or impressive note is the way to go. Your business will be truly capable and sought after when you choose to utilize corporate gift Hong Kong solutions.

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