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Branding trends in 2020 will be all about the refined and refreshing look. We know that branding is the very core of your business and so it needs to be on point and reflected clearly.

Branding is something that sets you apart from others besides your product and services and is definitely more than just brand name and logo. Like they say there is something for everybody, you just got to give it a shot! But, it is no piece of cake – requires careful planning and a clear vision of what your brand wants to achieve. At WECREATE we offer branding as one of our key services.

Read below our dig on the key branding trends in 2020 that we will be seeing more of in businesses in Hong Kong!

2020 branding trends hongkong 1 - 2020 Branding Trends in Hong Kong to Look Out For


1. Warm tones with neon gradient

Gradients have existed in the market for some time now and they are thriving more than ever this year! Which is why you need to adapt to this trend before it is too late. The new Instagram and Mozilla Firefox logo and Asana’s logo reflect that crisp warm tones with neon gradient. Those definitely caught our eyes!

Gradients are extremely versatile and attractive, especially when paired with the futuristic neon colour palette. Warm neon colours are very appealing and instantly draws people as it gives an uplifting and soothing feeling. Some popular colour palette that is being used is orange to pink gradient and yellow to pink. Many companies are yet to adopt this unconventional trend, but we will see more brands trying this trend out!

2. Bold, Minimal, and Metallic

Bold metallics are very much common during the holiday season or during special occasions. Metallics are more than a reflection of ornaments and events. It is very fashionable, exclusive and eye-catching! Let’s give this trend due to recognition. Companies this year will be going bold, minimal and using metallic elements in their branding. Got to keep up with the trends after all!

It is common to use these elements in business stationery, business cards, packaging and 3D logos but are not limited to these. The metallic colours that mainly consist of gold, silver and copper for the right reasons.

Who thought you could go bold while being minimal with your branding? Well, now you can and without worrying about being professional because we can assure you it will!

3. Fine-tuned Line Art

Refined line art is another trend that is going to be seen as more being adopted by various brands. It is very adaptable in terms of imagery and the typography within the imagery. Highly engaging amongst the customers, it adds the right amount of quirkiness and coolness to the brand while keeping it simple. Don’t say you don’t agree with us. Who says branding has to be boring when you have art to make it more interesting?!

2020 branding trends hongkong 2 - 2020 Branding Trends in Hong Kong to Look Out For

4. Sustainability and Earthy Tones

Sustainability is a huge and leading trend for branding in 2020. It is about time businesses rebrand themselves as sustainable, every little step count! This year we will see more brand integrating the earthy tones such as green and brown as part of their sustainable branding strategy.

Being eco-friendly, waste reduction, going green are some of the small steps towards a sustainable future. Even though sustainability is not a new trend per say but we will see brands evolve and emerge stronger. Earthy tone palette mirrors nature, giving the brand ‘natural’ branding. White typography goes perfectly with these colours making the brand look sophisticated while coming off as sustainable.

5. Telling Story Visually

The storytelling of your brand visually while using some elements such as great logo and packaging is the first step of branding. We will be seeing heavy visual storytelling of brands digitally as well as in print media. It is what connects the customers to your brand, the image you put out there.

With this said, there are no boundaries to telling stories visually. It is all about being creative to attract your target audience. Use this trend to connect with your audience. Illustrations are a great way to tell a story visually, they are easy to understand and very much in trend.

If you believe your business in Hong Kong requires rebranding – WECREATE is here to assist you, be sure to contact us! WECREATE brands!



Arthur is the motive behind advertising agency WECREATE. Founder, and since 2004 responsible for strategy, concept and design in the role of Creative Director.