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Being nominated for advertising awards is flattering. We speak from experience when we say that it boosts egos and certainly can be good for business too. But being asked as a jury member for a global advertising awards festival is the next level up. WECREATE’s head of the pack and Creative Director, Arthur Kuipers has more than gladly accepted the honour of joining this year’s WINA Awards (World Independent Advertising Awards).


WINA Awards is the academic response to a growing wave of independent multinational agencies and networks, seeking a space that truly represents them in a fair, autonomous and visible way. WINA acknowledges the work of independent, multinational advertising agencies and networks from across the world. It is independently supported by a team of international judges. The WINA Festival seeks to lift local and regional visibility to a global level. It gives more value to the agencies in front of their clients, the market and the media.


Considering the risks amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic in which we all find ourselves, the WINA Festival organization has made the decision to carry out the award ceremony online. In-person activities are suspended for this 2020 edition, which means that the planned award ceremony on June 11 & 12 in Monterrey Mexico will not take place. This, however, does not mean less work for the jury members. As the jury members for the 19 categories come from all over the world the judging process was already a fully online process.
The deadline for agencies to submit work is on April 28th. A very busy week will then follow for WECREATE’s Kuipers, and the other selected jury members before notifications to the winners will be sent out on May 6th. “To be acknowledged as an expert in our field by this organisation and trusted to make a valuable contribution to the WINA jury team is something me and my WECREATE team are very proud of”, says Arthur Kuipers.


Arthur is the motive behind advertising agency WECREATE. Founder, and since 2004 responsible for strategy, concept and design in the role of Creative Director.