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Project Highlights

Nova Deko is a company that specialises in designing and building modular architectural solutions. They have been a pioneer in the modular housing sector on a global scale for over a decade, having built thousands of modular developments. Nova Deko is based in Brisbane, Australia, and has large production facilities in Foshan, China. They focus on innovation, efficiency, and technology to create new ways of living. Nova Deko wanted to show off their awesome work online, so they asked Wecreate, a digital agency, to help them out.

Wecreate knew just what to do. Starting with logo design, we created a symbol that reflected Nova Deko’s dedication to innovation and contemporary living through sleek lines and vibrant colours. For the web design, Wecreate tailored a website that serves as a digital home and functions as a virtual showroom, showcasing their modular creations with elegance and precision.  

We focused on user experience by planning unique navigation paths to ensure easy exploration of Nova Deko’s offerings. The design enhances the website’s appeal with interactive elements to improve client engagement. The website is optimised into a dynamic platform that facilitates easy updates and maintenance for optimal performance across devices.

web design hk novadeko 01 - Nova Deko
web design hk novadeko 02 - Nova Deko