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Project Highlights

Originals Media Group is a company that creates and shares high-quality entertainment content in local languages across Asia. They stand out by integrating television and social media on various platforms, using music as a promotional tool. This approach ensures a continuous stream of fresh and unique content for television, pay TV, and digital platforms, all tailored to specific audiences.

Our task involves shaping the company’s brand identity, starting from naming to developing brand guidelines and designing web UX/UI for WordPress. In crafting this identity, we have focused on reflecting Originals’ distinct position in the market by emphasising core values such as diversity, equality, and women’s empowerment. These values are not only integral to their work style but also evident in the content they produce.

With a strong digital infrastructure in place, Originals Media Group was able to expand its reach to a broader audience base. The integration of television and social media platforms facilitated the distribution of their content across different channels, attracting viewers from diverse demographics and regions.

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