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Idea of K-Style Lab emerged from EJ Kim, a woman who cherishes Korean fashion. She served as editor for various international fashion magazines that feature renowned fashion brands of the world, but her heart always leaned towards Korean fashion. It is not because of her patriotism, but she has a deep belief in the creative energy of designers that inspires Korean fashion. These designers cultivated fashion in Korea, where it was once a barren land, and moved on to Paris, New York, London and Milan to stage their collections. And through Korean wave K-Fashion has become synonymous to “trendiest” and “leading edge” in Asian fashion scene. This is certainly a remarkable phenomenon. In spite of all the sensation of “K-Fashion”, she was disturbed by the fact that it was not easy to come across Korean “designer brands” in the markets like China, hong Kong, and Singapore, where she spent last 10 years.

This has led to her life-time project to create an omni-channel platform that offers premium Korean fashion and tell the stories of the designers behind it.WECREATE HK created a full suite of branding, logo design, web design and web development for K-Style Lab. We started by focusing on creating a brand identity that exuded elegance and modernity. By keeping a minimalist visual style with geometric kinetic movement, we created a logo that captured the essence of what the client was looking for: a modern and timeless look that showcased the trend-setting power of Korean fashion. From there, we designed a website that showcased K-Style Lab as a hub for high-end Korean fashion. The website serves as a product site that displays prominent Korean Designers and their fashion as well as updating users with upcoming events and rising stars within the Korean fashion design industry.

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