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Project Highlights

Elleme is a French luxury label founded by Jingjing Fan in 2015 and derives its name from the French phrase “elle aime,” which translates to “she loves.” The brand is known for its sleek aesthetics, viral accessories collection, meticulously designed handbags, shoes, and ready-to-wear items. Elleme’s concept revolves around showcasing each woman’s uniqueness, finesse, and strength through simplicity, timelessness, and singularity in their products.

As Elleme’s reputation soared, so did the need for an online presence that reflected its core: simplicity, timelessness, and singularity. Acknowledging the importance of a strong brand identity, Elleme turned to Wecreate for our expertise in branding and design.

Wecreate dove on a journey with Elleme, first by understanding their vision and values deeply. We came up with an e-commerce platform to showcase their offerings and have them available for purchase online. We used modern fonts and geometric shapes to create a sleek design that matched Elleme’s style. We made their clients’ purchasing experience easy by simplifying the process from adding items to the cart to checking out. This helped boost sales by making it simpler for customers to shop and improved their overall experience on the website.

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