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Founded in 2003, Pedder Group is a footwear, handbags and accessories specialist with leadership positioning and unparalleled expertise in Greater China and South East Asia. With 50 points of sale across more than 200,000 square feet of retail across Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Chengdu, Chongqing, Singapore and Jakarta, Pedder Group works with 300 international brands and ranks in the top 10 global shoe and accessories retailers.

Pedder Group contacted WECREATE HK with the desire for a concept for an e-commerce website as they wanted to expand their market globally through online means. We designed a fun UI with a combination of stylistic, modern typography and color choices. We paired that with a comprehensive and straightforward UX design to allow customers to easily purchase desired and popular items and increase conversion rate for the client. Bold style choices and a dynamic layout keeps customers engaged, but a fresh and clean layout allows it to retain a sense of structure without it being cluttered or messy.

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