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Project Highlights

ORLOV embodies the fusion of Angela Orlova’s exquisite poetry and Christian Orlov’s profound knowledge of gemstones, a labour of love characterized by a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and exacting standards. Founded on a shared passion for exceptional gemstones and superb artistry, the brand is dedicated to creating poetic masterpieces that showcase the inherent brilliance of each stone. Through the meticulous incorporation of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds into breathtaking designs, Orlov seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with a richly personal artistic and cultural heritage.

Seeking to elevate their brand presence, Orlov engaged Wecreate to develop a product catalogue that not only highlights the magnificence of their creations but also embodies the luxury and core values of the company. By leveraging stellar photography, refined typographic elements, and subtle yet opulent details such as transparency and foil accents, the brochure design radiates sophistication and opulence. We began by conducting in-depth research to understand ORLOV’s target audience, competitive landscape, and brand positioning. This allowed us to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that aligned with their overarching goals and values.

After thorough exploration and refinement, we finalized a logo that served as the cornerstone of their brand identity. This elevated design not only showcases Orlov’s extensive expertise in jewellery design and the industry but also attracts potential clients and customers with a glimpse into the world of Orlov’s craftsmanship and artistry.