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Lojel produces high-quality luggage and travel accessories since 1989. They originated in Japan and are now sold in over 30 countries across five continents around the world, proving its staying power and reliability in the industry.

Web design for Lojel

In order to celebrate their 27th anniversary, WECREATE is asked to modify the Web design for to show clearly what they have in mind for the coming year. And that is a lot! Membership benefits, super sales, competitions, parties and prices, a lot of prices!

We’ll be working on showing this in the clean and clear way on the website, by redesigning the homepage and adding new sections for all what’s coming up.

Stay tuned and visit next month to see what’s coming!


Arthur is the motive behind advertising agency WECREATE. Founder, and since 2004 responsible for strategy, concept and design in the role of Creative Director.