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Project Highlights

Vitasoy is a well-known Hong Kong beverage company owned by Vitasoy International Holdings Limited which specializes in producing a variety of desserts and beverages branded as Vita. Their product line includes soy milk-based beverages, along with offerings such as tofu, milk, water, fruit juice, and tea. As they made a name in the industry, they realised their website could be improved by adding more features that would give their customers a better experience in getting to know them and their offerings. They sought Wecreate’s expertise and teamed up with up to come up with a new web design.

Our task involved designing an enticing website for this manufacturer to enhance their competitiveness in the market. We recognised the sensitivity of food products and we set a goal to create a design that would engage Vitasoy’s customer base and differentiate them from competitors.

We highlighted Vitasoy’s expertise, professionalism, and adherence to industry best practices in beverage manufacturing. We avoided using complex industry terminology, opting instead for a friendly yet informative tone to engage users effectively. Our design approach focused on maintaining a simple layout that reflected Vitasoy’s reputation for excellence and high standards. We used high-quality imagery and designs that are aligned with their brand identity while sustaining their customers’ interest and encouraging them to choose Vitasoy for their healthy beverage needs. We incorporated interactive features such as product galleries, recipe ideas, and customer testimonials, encouraging visitors to explore Vitasoy’s offerings and interact with the brand. We also implemented a simplified navigation system, making it easy for visitors to find information about Vitasoy’s products, company history, and sustainability initiatives.

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