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Vitasoy is a Hong Kong beverage company under Vitasoy International Holdings Limited. The company produces a range of desserts and beverages under the trademark name Vita. Vitasoy beverages are mainly made from high-protein soy milk, although the company has diversified into drinks like tofu, milk, water, fruit juice, and tea.

We are responsible for creating a stunning web design for this leading manufacturer as part of their drive to stay competitive in the market. We understand the delicate nature of edibles, so we had to come up with a web design that compelled their teeming customers to stay with the Vitasoy brand despite the offerings from their competition.

To achieve this, the WECREATE HK team focused on Vitasoy’s expertise, professionalism, and strict compliance to beverage manufacturing best practices. We didn’t bore or confuse the readers with industry jargon. Instead, we found a balance between a friendly tone and informative content.

We were careful to use a straightforward layout that still impressed Vitasoy’s acumen and high standards on the site’s visitors. We also used fantastic pixel-perfect imagery and designs targeted at arresting and sustaining the visitors’ interests while compelling them to continue getting their healthy beverages from Vitasoy!

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