Turnkey Group is a leading global professional services company that leverages their real world experience in sustainability & risk management, supply chain optimization and corporate due diligence to support their customers with strategies that help them transform and grow their business. Turnkey Group approached WECREATE HK to aid them in creating a website that showcased their company, their services and allowed turnover by giving potential clients access to their contact to establish business. Our design methodology in this case was to take their branding and their professional ideologies and translate it into a clean, modern and informative website.
From the very moment a viewer lands on the homepage, we aimed to create a visually compelling experience that showcased the professional expertise of the company whilst exuding their brand values of sustainability. Using modern touches like gradient overlays, illustrative iconography and bold color accents and complementing them with a definitive and clear layout design, we’ve created a site that is both heavily informative yet retains a high level of engagement by keeping viewers attentive to the details designed on the website. Accessibility was a key factor in what is shown in the design as viewers and potential clients need to easily be able to find whatever they’re looking for in the vast amounts of information provided without getting lost.


Turnkey Group

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