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Project Highlights

Legacy is a European luxury accessories brand that tailors sophisticated products for men aged 35-65 to actively enhance life’s meaningful moments. Legacy is known for its high-quality items, sourced from Italy, with key markets set in Hong Kong, China, the United States, Europe and Italy.  Some of the featured products in their collection include travel pouches, passport cases, trunks, airport leather cases, and cigar leather cases.  Legacy provides designed sets for different scenarios and preferences providing customers with the opportunity to customise their own experiences, especially the frequent travellers seeking to make their journeys more enjoyable.

Legacy saw the importance of creating a unique brand identity and a strong online platform that reflect the elegance of their physical products. They approached WeCreate with a goal to establish an image and create an e-commerce website to showcase their collection. WeCreate understood the need and worked collaboratively with Legacy to capture the essence of their commitment to quality, style, and functionality and came up with a unique brand identity.

WeCreate developed an easy-to-navigate e-commerce website to feature Legacy’s products and drive sales. The design aligns with Legacy’s elegance, using high-quality visuals to convey luxury. Our team added features for customer engagement and customisation. We implemented an easy checkout process and included reviews and rating functionality to build credibility and assist potential buyers in decision-making. Wecreate also worked on integrating multi-language and currency support to provide options for the wider audience. To support their growth, we set up efficient inventory systems and established clear success metrics and analytics tools for a data-driven approach, to ensure transparency and adaptability to change. 

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