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Project Highlights

Swire Properties was established in Hong Kong in 1972 and is a prominent property developer that specialises in commercial, retail, hotel, and residential properties. The 120 units at Star Studios are characterised by their modern, cosy, and bright design, each uniquely crafted to incorporate a variety of textures, colours, and spaces. Additionally, Star Studios offers furnished Designer Suites in two distinct colour schemes designed by renowned interior design firms BTR Workshop and Nude Design Limited. As a subsidiary of Swire Properties, Star Studios collaborated with WECREATE to develop a visually dynamic website tailored to attract their primary demographic of affluent individuals in their twenties. 

The website aims to inform and showcase the benefits and lifestyle of residing in a trendy and emerging neighbourhood. Drawing inspiration from Star Studios’ engaging visuals and brand identity, the website design features subtle gold and blue tones, elegant typography, and minimalistic iconography. A key focus of the web design was on presenting floor plans and interior showcases interactively to engage visitors in exploring the property’s offerings.

The design team meticulously organised information on the site, incorporating filters to streamline the presentation of floor plans without overwhelming users. By infusing modernistic elements and contemporary aesthetics, the website effectively communicates the core brand values, property features, and services while effectively engaging the target audience.

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