Shoq is a creative video production studio. They produce innovative and beautiful video campaigns for web, TV, corporate and mobile channels with a clear goal in mind: inspire your audience, motivate and engage your message. Shoq Creative Studio came to WECREATE HK to request a complete build up of the company’s brand identity; from creating the logo to the web design and web development, WECREATE HK was involved in designing and establishing Shoq’s entry into the creative video production market. Starting with the brand development and logo design, we created a combination mark comprising of a logotype and a brandmark. This gives them flexibility to either use the full company logotype or just the brandmark itself depending on the context. The brandmark is a play on the name of the company, and the typography used is reflective of their modern style and sense of innovation.
The color chosen was used as a way to accent and highlight the brandmark and is used in conjunction with various whites, grays and blacks throughout the brand identity and web design. For the web design, we focused on using a very clean design to highlight the energetic visuals of the videos made by Shoq. The opening header has various clips from the studio’s portfolio to highlight their video production capabilities and the rest of the site is structured around the brief of showcasing their collection of work and projects to viewers and potential customers. By keeping the web design straightforward and uncluttered, viewers can easily focus on the brilliance of Shoq’s creative work without being obstructed by unnecessary visual elements. Overall, we’re proud to say that the holistic approach to design taken for Shoq allowed us to create a uniquely fun brand and the visual elements are kept consistent throughout the brand’s development and identity.


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