Sensz has over 13 years experience with companies that understand that safe food is important; from catering to corporate catering, retail to healthcare, they provide food inspections to ensure that workspace and ingredient quality is at its best. The Dutch Food & Safety Department is a backer of their work and is confident in their abilities to provide accurate and precise reports. Sensz approached WECREATE HK to create an informative website that showcased what they do, their professionalism in their certifications and educational content that can be utilized by the general public.
WECREATE HK’s design direction was to focus on the expertise and professionalism of the client whilst maintaining a lighter and friendly tone for general viewers to be enticed to educate themselves through the website. By utilizing a minimalist and clear layout, we establish a structure that conveys the poise and acumen of the company. To balance that out with a friendlier tone, we took the vibrant brand identity of Sensz and utilized imagery and icon designs that gave off an inviting and interesting tone that would pique the interest of viewers. Using brightly colored food photography and colored, rounded line icons, we can keep the viewer engaged and compelled to read through the comprehensive information provided by Sensz.
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