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Project Highlights

MyCooking is a video platform for a smart cooking device that allows users to upload “guided cooking” video tutorials. Guided cooking, in this sense, refers to step-by-step video steps that explain how to prepare each step. Folks on the site introduce their recipes which they can then upload before previewing and publishing. Recipes that cut, are endorsed by the site’s chefs. Some of the site’s features include a store, 9 cooking modes, voice control, and a manual mode. Users can upload videos through API calls shared between an app, our web platform, and the smart cooking devices’ screens.

Our portfolio showcased our ability to blend creativity with functionality, aligning perfectly with their goals. They valued our attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Our team created a logo that captured the essence of guided cooking – simplicity, innovation, and accessibility. This logo was seamlessly integrated into the overall brand identity, embodying MyCooking’s values across all interactions.

We then created a user-friendly platform. The unique interface is focused on easy navigation, providing users with a smooth browsing experience. We emphasised mobile responsiveness and visual appeal, translating MyCooking’s vision onto every screen. Our expertise in WordPress development enhanced the platform’s functionality. We incorporated advanced features like API integration for video uploads, voice control options, and a user-friendly store. We ensured optimal performance across all features. The platform became a go-to hub for cooking enthusiasts seeking inspiration and guidance. User engagement skyrocketed as people enjoyed the convenience of guided cooking tutorials by MyCooking.

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