Stockholm, Barcelona, Valencia, Copenhagen, almost every city has one: a covered food market. A bustling market hall which is bursting with fresh fish, bread that’ s still warm, tender meat, innumerable cheeses and vegetables just out the ground. And now, the Netherlands has one as well, in Rotterdam. Rotterdam, a city with 176 different nationalities and cuisines, and the most diverse food culture of the Netherlands.
All these different flavors are brought together now, under the same roof, in the middle of the city. WECREATE HK did the logo design, brand development and web design for Markthal Rotterdam. Taking the excitement and spirited atmosphere of the event, WECREATE HK designed various fun and playful icons and elements and utilized bright colors to help reflect that idea to viewers. The design of the website was focused on being as informative as possible while showcasing the amazing products on display and the beautiful interiors of the locations that the event is normally held in.


Food Market Rotterdam

What We Did

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