JEB is a specialist in the latest architectural building and interior products, whether for public, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, educational or residential applications. JEB aims to create a new world of architectural products and services for the building industry. WECREATE HK was given an opportunity to help rebrand the longstanding company and to refresh it with a new look and a modern website to bring it to up-to-date against industry competitors. Firstly, WECREATE HK updated JEB’s logo using their architectural and interior design background as a base inspiration for the look. Using geometric shapes and an isometric concept, we wanted to convey the impression of the “partitions” that JEB
provides in the industry. Utilizing gradients in the colors gives the logo a modern touch and pairing it with a modern, sans-serif typeface helps bring the company’s identity to the modern era. We then translated this renewed identity to the web design and gave it a fresh, contemporary take. The web design was tailored to showcase the best of the products and services that JEB provides whilst continuously emphasizing the USPs of the company. Through our choice of typography, layout and User Experience, the web design for JEB fits the company’s renewed look and will be a strong contender in today’s architecture and interior design industry.


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