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HYPEBEAST was launched in 2005 as a one-stop news source for Internet savvy fashion enthusiasts and continues to inform and inspire trendsetters in all forms of fashion, arts, design and culture. With 9.4m unique visitors per month Hypebeast is no small fish. The company employs more than 250 people throughout North America, Asia and Europe. The brand has five online domains as well as vertical operations in TV, radio and print. We have been approached by Hypebeast to rebrand its web presence with a new User Interface that would solidify the brand identity. The main objective was to improve the user experience

design while respecting the brand’s existing ethos and aesthetic as well as the back-end structures. With minimal on-screen clutter we designed a clean and monotone UI design making sure that content from all the companies’ verticals is easily accessible through one-click links on the homepage. Throughout the process we kept Hyperbeast’s fashionable and digitally conscious millennial audience top of mind to provide relevance to all design decisions. The website’s new UI complements and strengthens the well-loved HYPEBEAST brand identity.

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