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Project Highlights

Yantai Hemp Ginseng is produced by Renhua Naturals Co., Ltd. It has earned itself a reputation for exporting natural foods, superfoods, food ingredients, health supplements, and different raw materials across several countries. In addition, the company focuses on exploring, producing, and trading various foods and materials. The company’s exploits in research and production led to Yantai Hemp Ginseng. This cosmetic product is hemp and ginger and has been approved by several third-party certifiers, including SGS, Eurofins, Kiwa-BCS, Ecocert, Ceres, among others. 

Before launching it to the market, Renhua Naturals Co knew they needed a voice, an identity that would resonate with consumers globally. They understood the importance of standing out in a competitive market and sought our expertise to materialise their vision. Wecreate started getting deep into the product to make sure we were able to highlight its selling points which are purity, potency, and natural abundance.

We started creating a unique logo and packaging design that captured the essence of Yantai Hemp Ginseng, making sure it was versatile across platforms. From the choice of materials to the colour scheme and typography, every aspect of the packaging was thoughtfully considered to enhance the overall brand experience. We collaborated with Renhua Naturals to develop a compelling brand narrative that connects with its consumers. Our team also created brand messaging for various touchpoints, such as website copy, product descriptions, and marketing campaigns to ensure there’s a consistent brand voice across all channels. These efforts supported the brand’s foundation and enhanced its readiness for launch.