eLockers is a Dutch-based company that creates portable, pop-up lockers that can be bought or rented out for events, concerts, stores, clubs and other venues. They approached us to create a showcase website that highlights their product’s functionalities and USPs as well as its benefits and uses in context. We’ve designed a very user-friendly site with a clean UI and an intuitive UX to give customers and potential clients an easy-to-navigate experience. We made sure to put the USPs of the company’s products at
the forefront to hammer home the idea of the reliability and safety of their lockers. We’ve also designed case study pages to allow users to get an impression of the usefulness of the product and the sheer numbers and efficiency of the services provided by eLockers’ products. Overall, the website design helped garner more customers for eLockers and made them the go-to portable locker company for events, concerts and clubs in the Netherlands.
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