Doorschodt Real Estate is already active for 3 generations on the property market. Not only do they invest in real estate with a view to long-term returns, they also operate as a real estate developer in the region of The Hague and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Besides investing they also offer customized management packages for real estate owners. WECREATE HK did the branding for Doorschodt Real Estate, consisting of the logo design, corporate identity design and web design. The logo design was created with the intention of crafting a strong, resilient logotype that would represent the strength, trustworthiness and experience in real estate
for Doorschodt. By using a bold blue color for the O.G (onroerend goed) aids in emphasizing the importance of Real Estate for the company. In creating the web design, WECREATE HK made sure that the brand identity was carried over from the logo and was made prevalent throughout the site. The website’s design was made clean, minimal and highly structured and defined so that everything was easily accessible for clients and potential customers. The professional sensibilities and expertise of Doorschodt is made clear throughout with the web design.
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