BizCoach is a seasoned team combining decades of experience building, leading and investing in major finance and IT businesses in the Fortune 500 and start-up environments. With a long track record of financing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the company understands many of the challenges these businesses face – constantly managing costs and scarce resources, but still requiring a comprehensive data-driven view of the business in order to make timely and informed decisions. WECREATE HK worked with BizCoach to help design and create a
website that acted as both a showcase of the company’s services and a conduit between the customer and the company. We created a design that exuded professionalism and trust with a combination of pixel-perfect precise layouts and a slick, yet friendly, sans serif typeface. The combination of the design with the company’s brand and color scheme as well as the intuitive interface and well-crafted experiences enhances the brand feel and allows users to feel confident in using the services and will be able to trust the company more.
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