Throughout the years, AXA Asia has been offering a wide range of life, health, property and casualty protection, as well as wealth management and retirement solutions to help customers achieve stability and prosperity. Today, over one million customers in Hong Kong and Macau, from individuals to established businesses, count on AXA Asia to financially protect them, their loved ones and their future. WECREATE did the web design and web development for the the interactive infographic about the history of AXA Asia. We decided to go for a timeline approach with multiple levels to explain in a clear and easy to navigate way, what AXA Asia has achieved so far.
We utilized fun, friendly and illustrative icons to remove the overtly serious tone of finances and insurance so that customers of all backgrounds and ages can be engaged in the topic. We created a structure that allowed the immense amount of information on the site to be condensed into more easily digestible bites so that customers can retain a high level of interest and are compelled to explore more of what the site/infographic has to offer. Ultimately, the goal of the website was to showcase the company ethos of AXA to the general public and to give them a warm and inviting impression so that customers won’t be intimidated by the immense prospect of insurance.


AXA Asia

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web design axa 03
web design axa 03