alizila web design

Project Highlights

Alizila is the news hub for Alibaba Group, focusing on corporate and business unit news, the digital economy, the e-commerce industry, and China-specific insights. Alizila provides behind-the-scenes insights into Alibaba Group, aiming to help readers better understand the company’s role in China and globally. It offers articles, videos, and podcasts covering various topics such as consumer trends, brand strategies, and market insights related to China’s digital economy

When Alizila asked Wecreate for a digital makeover, we worked together to improve how they look online. We paid close attention to every service we provided to make sure it was done well.

We began by understanding Alizila’s brand identity, delving into their values, mission, and target audience. Our design team then brainstormed concepts, ensuring alignment with Alibaba Group’s ethos. Through iterative feedback loops, we refined the logo, ensuring it encapsulated Alizila’s sophistication and insightfulness. We focused on creating an immersive digital experience for the website. Our process involved wireframing and prototyping, mapping out user journeys and information architecture. Features such as clear call-to-action buttons, intuitive search functionality, and personalized content recommendations were integrated to enhance the overall user experience.

Our team brought the design concepts to life, transforming them into a fully functional website. The results increased engagement, traffic, and positive feedback. Together, Alizila and Wecreate illuminated Alibaba’s role in China’s digital economy, shaping a vibrant online presence for the world to see.

web design hk alizila 01 scaled - Alizila
web design hk alizila 02 scaled - Alizila