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SHOPiDE is an innovative new shopping app that can change the way you approach shopping. Unlike other shopping Apps that only sell their own products on inventory, SHOPiDE helps you screen the best prices from multiple retailers and let you compare the best prizes in an instant. Snap a picture from TV or Magazine ads or from the innovative Shopping walls at various spots throughout your city to shop for products. Or find it by browsing through the wide selection of products within the app by searching under the specified categories or directly for brands and products. With its simple system and easy-to-use format, SHOPiDE is your one-stop shop for all of your shopping needs! WECREATE created a full suite of branding, logo design, web design and web development for SHOPiDE. We started with the Logo Design and came up with a ubiquitous logo that was easily recognizable and exuded a friendly

attitude. By combining that with our colour choices and our decision to use gradients along with it, we created a very warm and inviting atmosphere which will aid in the User Experience of the client. From there, we designed the app and its corresponding app design showcase website. With the app, we focused on simplistic, straightforward UI and UX design to make sure that the customers aren’t overwhelmed with their choices and complemented that with nice stylistic choices to make the design pop. We complemented that on the main website by using parallax effects and a dynamic site to make sure that the stylistic elements used on the app are reflected on the site. Ultimately, with the holistic approach to the design, we created a very impressionable branding, app and web design that works together and complements each other very well.

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