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Project Highlights

The Modula brand is taking the headphone market by storm with its innovations in the modular headphone space. With Modula, users get to customise their earphones by ordering their preferred speaker units, headbands, cables, and earpads. So when the components are delivered, the users have multiple combinations to explore to arrive at the right kind of headphones.

Modula recognised a gap in the market where personalisation was lacking. Traditional headphones offered limited options, leaving consumers craving more control over their audio gear. They sought a solution that would redefine the headphone experience, putting the power of customisation directly into the hands of users. They sought a solution that would redefine the headphone experience which led to teaming up with Wecreate.

Through collaborative brainstorming sessions and research, we designed a captivating logo that captured Modular’s customisation and modularity features. Our e-commerce design is focused on providing users with a unique platform to explore and assemble their perfect headphones through an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. Additionally, our e-commerce app design aimed to extend this functionality to mobile users allowing them to personalise their sound on the go. Modula’s brand identity connected with consumers and established them as pioneers in the modular headphone space. The e-commerce platform we developed not only showcased the versatility of their products but also simplified the purchasing process, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. With the e-commerce app, Modula enthusiasts could now customise their headphones anytime, anywhere, further solidifying their brand loyalty.

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