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Everun is an online store that sells office supplies en masse to offices and working spaces globally. They approached WECREATE HK to help create an online e-commerce platform that would help them increase sales and allow customers easy access to their immense catalog of products. WECREATE HK made sure to create a visually dynamic site that added a lot of interest and intrigue to otherwise regular everyday products. This exciting, sleek look gives customers the impression of professionalism and

modernity and gives a sense of trust to the consumer. We’ve kept the layout as clean and concise as possible to make sure that everything is clear for potential customers and that the products are showcased in the best light without any clutter. We’ve further enhanced the experience of the site by making the cart functionalities simple and intuitive; the easier time that the consumer has to access the site and purchase products, the higher the end conversion rate will be for the company.

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