Trendy Bartender provides you with selected bartender accessories: Wine accessories, Beer accessories and Bar accessories for your home or business. Their products are fun, creative and functional and they all come in gift boxes which makes them the perfect gift for yourself or to whom you decide to buy it for. Trendy Bartender was looking for a way to update their packaging to something that was modern, stylish and reflective of their brand identity, and WECREATE HK was up to the task. Using the visual elements that were provided by the brand identity of the client, WECREATE HK came up with a conceptualized design that harkens back to classic bar culture and gives it a modern twist.
We designed a pattern using a monogram designed from the Trendy Bartender logo and wrapped it around the packaging; keeping the colors as subtle as possible to keep the visuals striking but not so much to the detriment of the important information on the box. We then created custom icons for each of the bar tools that were in the package to give customers an informative, yet illustrative, view of the contents of the product. Finally, we created a customized typographical design using graphical elements, hand-lettering and modified type for the name of the product. As a result, the complete design is eye-catching, dynamic and is kept in line with the brand identity and ethos of Trendy Bartender.


Trendy Bartender

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