In 2013, Swire Hotels set up Swire Restaurants, a separate restaurant division, to manage its standalone restaurant operations. Swire Restaurants’ diverse collection of dining experiences and cuisines includes Plat du Jour, PUBLIC and Mr & Mrs Fox amongst others. Following Swire Restaurants’ sustainable dining principles, each of its restaurants obtains food from sustainable sources and uses quality local ingredients wherever possible. Swire Restaurants contacted WECREATE HK with the desire to have a new Placemat Design that utilized their Children’s Menu and was to be incorporated seasonally and distributed to all Swire Restaurant branches in Hong Kong. From their brief, we were to create four designs, all with the same illustrative style but with distinct visual leanings towards the four
seasons; spring, summer, fall, winter. We utilized a holistic approach to designing the placemat by incorporating the required elements (menu items and 3-4 games for the children to play with) seamlessly within a fun and beautifully illustrated pattern. Utilizing bright yet subdued colors and organic and rounded designs, we kept the visuals very lighthearted and playful whilst making the required elements stand out by using starker, more saturated colors and bolder lines. As a result, the placemat design gives off a harmonious appearance without the main functionality of the placemat being lost in the eclectic visuals. The children using these placemats will love the colors, designs and characters, and the games are enjoyable and engaging for the whole family to enjoy.


Swire Restaurants

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