Splendid Group’s solution-driven approach aims to improve the quality and consistency of what is offered to today’s consumer. They have 6 brands with the Splendid Group, namely SPLENDID PRODUCTIONS, SPLENDID SOLUTIONS, SPLENDID DESIGN and SPLENDID LOGISTICS. Splendid Group is a multifaceted company that covers many bases of industry and they enlisted WECREATE HK to have a full branding set and website designed to showcase their capabilities to the world. We started by creating their main logo based on an isometric grid system and then utilized that same grid to create the logos for the other branches of their company so that there was consistency throughout the site.
We’ve also selected very distinct colorways for the company so that each section/service (Logistics, Design, Solutions, etc.) is easily distinguishable from the other. From the Brand Identity, we moved forward into creating a comprehensive website that covered all their services, clientele and various branches of their company. We created a website with an easy-to-navigate UI and UX so that potential clients can traverse through the multitude of information provided by Splendid Group without feeling confused or cluttered. Ultimately we’ve created a Brand Identity and website that lasts and will bring big business for the client.
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