Venture Entrepreneurship Network (VEN)is a student-run cross-disciplinary organization that aims to foster entrepreneurial activities, nurture prospective entrepreneurs, and provide and integrate resources from HK & beyond into the HK University community. One of the services VEN provides is the ideationlab, with all kind of challenges, like the internet of things Designathon. The literal meaning stems from a portmanteau of “design” and “marathon.” The Designathon is open to all Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students of all majors and minors, of all nationality, race,
age, and gender from all universities in Hong Kong. This edition it’s all about how you see the world through Internet connections, how to can change it for a better life. We’ve been asked to develop the brand identity for the internet of things Designathon 2015. As a digital agency we could emphasize with the goal of the designathon, and went for a visual approach, showing the different connected items in one household, pointing out positive ways to use them. We developed the logo, identity and multiple print items for the Internet of Things Designathon 2015.



What We Did