branding agency hk g024 - GO24


Go24 offers the option to workout in a state of the art gym facility, 24 hours a day without getting locked into a long-term contract. Go24 knows what’s important and essential in a fitness facility and has created a hassle free environment for clients to be focused and confident. The new chain offers best value for money and flexibility with short 1-month memberships and promotes clients to make the smartest lifestyle and fitness decisions. Go24 has opened various locations throughout Hong Kong that are safe, secure and modern, focusing on community and making people feel strong physically and mentally.

We have been tasked with the logo and brand identity design for this young brand. Go24 is all about empowering so visual style, font options and colors have been carefully chosen with this in mind. All brand touch points breathe strength, confidence and masculinity. The brand identity uses the accent color red, which is strongly associated with energy, strength, power, determination and power. You can’t help but feel the energy and drive to exercise when visiting the new Go24 website which is exactly the aspiration that was set out.