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Every business needs a powerful website, let’s explore the most common web design mistakes and how to steer clear of them. It’s no longer enough to pick a basic package, input basic company info, hit publish and hope for the best. Yet even companies that spend thousands on their website still make many web design mistakes that end up minimizing their success.

Web design Hong Kong professionals are on hand to assist businesses large and small with their web design needs. To build the best website possible, read on for 5 common web design mistakes many businesses make with their website.

1. Overselling Yourself

If you’re a small or medium sized business, while you’d like to think you could grow to agency level or be a global player, you’re not there yet. While you want to assure your customers that you’re competent in the industry people can usually smell a lie from a mile away.

Focus on what you do best and how you can help. Writing in the first person, makes you seem more personable and approachable too.

2. Visuals That Don’t Match The Company

You might truly be a small tech startup with analytic tools and shiny desktops, but it’s amazing how many people choose images that don’t match what they’re about in their web design.

Anything that distorts the layout and usually means visitors have to scroll down for the good stuff. This is becoming increasingly important as more users are browsing via a mobile device and cutting-edge software is needed to make websites accessible to all.

Suggestions and application of tools for desktop and app-based sites to make sure all businesses have a future web design Hong Kong recommends considering all user needs.

3. Placing Too Much Importance On SEO

We all know websites need a good SEO but there’s no point targeting all sorts to boost traffic if you don’t actually offer those things.

People won’t stick around and even if your services may have been useful to them, they now instantly distrust you. Improve your site rankings by being authentic and placing your business on sites and directories that are specific to your industry.

We are all about creating smart websites with integrated SEO that won’t distract from company message. You want to get noticed for the substance of your site, not the tools you abuse to run it. Web design Hong Kong boasts many companies that all offer inclusive SEO and content.

4. Having Too Many Ads and Popups

There’s no shame in boosting revenue from ads or having a popup that may be of interest to visitors like a newsletter subscription or promotional offers. But repeatedly hounding people with requests gets annoying.

If you want to get people onboard ask them to do the thing that’s most important to you, sharing a post or joining a mail list usually prove most successful.

Ads can be extremely effective if you understand your demographic, be thoughtful and offer them enticing options in small doses to see success. It is sensible to consult with web design Hong Kong experts, as the wrong type of ad or marketing method can spell disaster for many businesses.

5. Fluffy Content and Jargon

When you think of a website, many people think graphics, layout, page fonts before they even get to the actual content which really is the backbone of all good websites.

Not recognizing the importance of content is where many businesses fall short. Either adding too much “fluff” to seem cool and creative, but not saying anything of value, or overusing industry jargon only serves to complicate the site.

It’s always good to show you know what you’re talking about and feel free to add personality too but remember the phrase all good things in moderation!

To get your website right, you’re probably going to need a little advice and support, rather than make mistakes with your website that will only stall your business and cause your customers to doubt your professionalism. Think of web design support as an asset that will definitely save you time and stress, which will allow you to focus on the areas of your business you know best.

Have a chat with our top notch team of experts today or give us a call at +852 2555 7220 and explore all the possibilities!


Arthur is the motive behind advertising agency WECREATE. Founder, and since 2004 responsible for strategy, concept and design in the role of Creative Director.