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Web design and SEO optimization

It’s in our nature that we appreciate good things – be it a new house, mobile phone or a website. We like to have things that best fulfill our requirements. In this modern high-tech world, having an SEO optimized website, with a user friendly and suiting web design is the most important base for all your digital marketing efforts.

Mostly, people don’t have any idea about how their website should look, work and how a successful SEO strategy is applied. Choosing the right company to help you develop your SEO-optimized website, with a suiting web design is a real challenge as its might be confusing and difficult to pick the right company, with the right value for money and most important, loads of web design experience and know how.

Here, we’ll provide more details about the advantages of a well prepared SEO strategy and well executed web design.

SEO-optimized website

If you are new to your business and having a hard time to find sufficient revenue, you probably need to work on the SEO optimization of your website. Or even consider a complete new, SEO-optimized website, with a user friendly Web design, aimed on conversion.

A good SEO strategy will make sure you get a prominent position in the search engine rankings, hence increased traffic to your website. It’s not an exaggeration to say that companies or businesses that don’t focus on SEO, miss out on a lot of new business leads, compared to companies who do invest in SEO and optimized web design.

A suiting web design reflects your business

Your website represents you and your business and is the first interaction you have with potential customers. If the web design looks and feels good, you will make a trustworthy impression and with the right conversion setup, you will convert visitors into clients.

if your website doesn’t resemble your company’s values, chances are that you might lose potential clients by giving them a bad first impression. So, your web design should reflect your company’s identity, values and capabilities. The user interaction should be optimized to convert visitors to new business leads.

Extra local business through local SEO

If your business is to sell bakery products in your local area, it’s wise to opt for a local SEO-friendly website, with a web design that is optimized especially for your specific, local audience. Local SEO will make sure you will be found online in the area that you operate in, both in the search results as on Google maps. If your website is found well through search engines by internet users in your neighborhood, and your web design looks more appealing and reputable than that of your competitors, you will see a big surge in revenue.

International SEO strategy

Want to take on new clients from Malaysia or Australia? Introducing your business through a globally SEO-optimized website will help you target audience in a much larger scale. Your website can be optimized to be stand out in the search results in almost every country in the world, meaning you increase your potential client base by millions. There are numerous ways to make sure your website will show up in search results around the world, and we know the ins and outs.

Stand out with the right web design

If a blogger, journalist or writer is looking for the best in your field of work to refer to for an article, he or she will be more likely to select the business owner whose website comes up in the results, and looks the most impressive. We all know the importance of being mentioned in the media, this will increase your business by expanding the potential customer base exponentially.

SEO strategy and web design as an investment

Don’t put the success of your business on the line by going for a cheap solution. A good, well thought out SEO strategy, with a user-friendly and suiting web design, will be an investment which will payback!

It’s highly recommendable to think twice before choosing your web designing company, and treat your website as an investment. Nobody wants to waste money and time, so make sure you’re well informed, are dealing with professional web designers who know all the ins and outs and ask questions that might come up before signing a deal.

Your website, if set up correctly by a team that is up to date with the latest industry standards, both SEO as web design wise, will bring in a lot of new leads, guaranteed!

SEO or web design related questions?

At WECREATE, we take Web design Hong Kong and SEO very serious. We spend a great deal of time on keeping track of the newest SEO developments and web design trends, and we put them into use as soon as it fits a clients profile.

Any questions about a tailor-made SEO strategy and web design for your company, please feel free to get in touch, and we’re happy to answers them!

Call us at +852 2555 7220 or drop us a message and we’ll get back as soon as possible.


Arthur is the motive behind advertising agency WECREATE. Founder, and since 2004 responsible for strategy, concept and design in the role of Creative Director.