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According Hong Kong China daily, e-commerce is the order of the day in Hong Kong and China. In their article, stated below, they claim, based on reliable research, now is most definitely the time to start with e-commerce, if you haven’t done so already.

“Research by global audit and advisory firm KPMG shows that Chinese mainland consumers are spending 28 percent more on online purchases this year compared with a year ago. To take advantage of the trend, Egidio Zarrella, client and innovation partner at KPMG China, has urged Hong Kong retailers that are developing e-commerce services to jump on the bandwagon.

“Understanding customers and having convenient payment channels” are the two main factors for online retail development, he said. According to the KPMG poll, mainland customers have turned to credit cards as their favorite payment method in making overseas online purchases.

Fifty-three percent of 10,150 Chinese respondents said they used credit cards, followed by 48 percent who used Alibaba’s Alipay and 7 percent who used Tencent’s WeChat for payment. Zarrella said currency conversion is crucial for any electronic payment tool entering the mainland market.

KPMG also found that product origin and uniqueness are beginning to have a greater impact on people’s decision to make online purchases as about one-third of respondents had made online purchases of luxury goods at full, non-discounted prices.

“Price is becoming less of a driver, but value remains important as Chinese mainland customers are well-informed about global prices since most of them travel physically or digitally,” said Thibault Villet, chief executive officer of online cosmetics mall

Cosmetics products have become the most popular items bought online, followed by women’s shoes, bags and leather goods, women’s apparel and accessories, KPMG said. Besides luxury items, the survey found that luxury services purchased online have increased, including online bookings for hotels and restaurants, followed by domestic and overseas trips.”

– Celia Chen in Hong Kong, Journalist China Daily Asia

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