FindTAT is a new developmental app that allows freelancers and potential clients to have complete and total access with each other. Companies and clients can look for freelancers looking for work and freelancers can just as easily search for jobs and availabilities where needed. We have been tasked to design and develop this new app with the intention to make the usability as easy and as simple as possible. First we focused on creating an efficient and seamless app UX design to make accessibility straightforward; the underlying skeleton and scheme of the experience would lay
the foundation of the App UI design. From there, we designed the app with elements that allowed users to feel comfortable and at ease with the large amount of information inherent in the freelance market. We used a comfortable and inviting hue of teal throughout the design and made sure to reflect that element in all the little touches in the app; from the use of a friendly sans-serif typeface and simple, minimalistic icons, we wanted to make the user feel like they could trust using the app and trust the people behind the profiles shown in the app.


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