Cliques is a group messaging app that lets friends, “cliques” have a one-stop communication hub to share their daily lives, as well as to meet up with and join new cliques in your neighborhood! Cliques approached WECREATE HK with the task to bring this new and unique app to life with a well-crafted UX and UI Design. With an app with this many functionalities, it was important to establish the UX first to lay out the framework upon which the UI will be built. We made sure that all the required functions in the app were laid out properly and easily accessible to the user,
as well as keeping them visible so that users were aware of their existence. Once the UX was crafted into its most efficient form, we added a beautiful UI skin to enhance the fun vibe that Cliques wanted to portray. Utilizing comfortable, light colors and friendly, approachable typefaces and graphical elements, we created an interface that allows users to feel invited and involved with the app and its purpose.



What We Did

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