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UI design refers to designing interactive systems and shaping them for the benefit of consumers. Web Design agency WECREATE HK is particularly focused on satisfying the needs and desires of the majority of visitors who will visit your website. Since websites are fiercely competing with one another these days to attract prospective customers, outstanding UI design is more important than ever to be able to persuasively deliver what online visitors seek.

We make sure that customers are able to effortlessly navigate and find exactly what they want when they visit your website. Our aim is to fully utilize that crucial 3-second window in which visitors decide to either leave the site or stay. For this reason, we believe in optimizing every aspect and area of your website. With a UI design that provides easy navigation and functions perfectly on all devices, WECREATE HK increases your chance of converting visitors into customers.

Why do you need UI Design?

With great UI design, you can impress online visitors with the professional look and feel it gives your website. We guarantee that your target audience will take your business more seriously and will be willing to look further if they find the interface smooth and fully functional. There is no doubt that content is key to effectively describe what you have to offer, but all your text and imagery will fall flat if customers find it difficult to explore your website. WECREATE Hong Kong is here to prevent this from happening and ensure a smooth interactive platform that follows your target audience throughout the website.

Your company will have a much higher chance of growth and expansion if online visitors immediately identify the high standards you have with one tour of your website, and the designers at WECREATE HK endeavour to make interaction as user-friendly as possible.

Why choose Web Design Agency WECREATE HK?

We specialize in bringing unique Dutch designs to you from our WECREATE offices in Amsterdam and Hong Kong, and our team consists of qualified, experienced designers who are dedicated to shaping digital solutions to improve your company’s image. Our attention to detail ensures that we create UI designs in accordance with your target audience’s convenience and preferences.

WECREATE HK delivers an exclusive design for every client, every time. Whether your project is UI design, graphics design, visual or web design, we start every project from scratch to ensure that it is unique. Our experienced UI design team goes beyond efficiency and utility to also consider aesthetic qualities.

What can we do for you?

Web design Agency WECREATE Hong Kong can develop smooth-flowing, user-friendly interfaces to enable a pleasant visitor experience each time. We make sure that our UI designs are fully functional on any device.

WECREATE HK works toward producing innovative and flawless designs that ultimately improve and enhance usability for your target audience. We aim to guide them through your website with a UI design that is intuitive and easy to navigate. As with every design we make, our web design agency’s mission is to increase the number of customers you have by persuasive marketing for your target audience. We do this through outstanding, fully functional and exceptional designs that leave a lasting impression on your customers and compel them to not only stay for the whole ride but to also return to your website in the future. So hurry and get your UI designs shaped to perfection by the WECREATE Hong Kong team by calling or sending an email!

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Web Design services

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UI Design HK

UI Design

UI design is the art of making the schematic plan of a website to help visitors navigate with ease. We consider each project unique and therefore start at the base, with a line drawing of the framework to make sure the flow of the entire website is fluent.

Pixel perfect Web Design HK

Pixel Perfect Web Design

In the web design stage we start working on layout, imagery, fonts and colors. We’re in frequent contact with the client. With this approach we make sure that the design fits perfectly with the needs of the client, and more importantly with those of the target audience.

Web Development HK

Web Development

Once the designs have been completed, our team of highly qualified developers gets started. They transform our various kinds of quality designs into smooth working websites with PHP5, HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript. They make sure all pages are shown perfectly on all devices.

Wordpress development HK


The developers connect the custom-built web pages to a Content Management System. Our weapon of choice is WordPress, because of its flexibility and extreme user friendliness. After completion, we offer a WordPress workshop and show you all the ins and outs.


SEO & Statistics

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is our highest priority. Optimization for search engines is implemented everywhere possible, so your website will be found by the target audience. After going live, all the visitors’ data will be tracked.

Website Maintenance and Hosting HK

Maintenance & Hosting

After completion, we won’t leave you to your fate. We offer a wide range of services to keep your website up and running. From maintaining installed plugins and providing the necessary security updates to hosting solutions on our high performance servers.

We’re a versatile web design agency and do much more than just Web Design in Hong Kong.

Curious about what we can do for you? Have a look at all of our services.



We create brand identities. We’re specialists in designing memorable brands that will reside within the hearts and minds of your customers. Our distinctive logos and corporate identities include every ingredient needed to capture the interest of your audience.


Web Design

We create web designs. We specialize in designing custom website’s to convert your target audience into customers. Our flawless webs designs will guide the user intuitively and will display perfectly on every device. From a one-pager to a complete platform, we design it all.



We create E-commerce solutions. We’re specialists in developing E-commerce experiences with the right feeling, user flow and with conversion as the main goal. From fashion e-shop to furniture webstore, we’re experienced in every aspect of E-Commerce solutions.


App Development

We create apps, concept to development. UI design, app design, app development, app testing and uploading it to the app store, we offer the whole flow. This means we’re able convert your ideas effortlessly into visually appealing & user friendly iOS and Android apps.

What our clients think about us:

Annika Six, Regional Communications Manager AXA Asia

WECREATE brought our internal communications strategy to the next level. We are always on the hunt to improve our communications and WECREATE helped us developing digital materials to communicate our key messages in a more exciting way. WECREATE has the experience and therefore capability to not only focus on the ‘old-fashioned’ way of communication but to help companies becoming more digital which is the only way to go these days.

Annika Six, Regional Communications Manager AXA Asia
Jeroen Horn, CEO Creenstone International

WECREATE honors the name of the company. They create corporate brand models, websites and apps based on good listening and a personal vision. Advertising Agency WECREATE is a professional organization that has the capacity to create the best results in a short time.

Jeroen Horn, CEO Creenstone International
Gerald van Engelen, CEO Framez Media

For a total new media concept we were immediately looking for a completely new corporate identity, which was fulfilled by WECREATE. Their exceptional customer care helped us to successfully design the Framez mobile app and our website Advertising Agency WECREATE has the capacity to connect design and usability with each other, keeping it simple, essential web development elements that aid in the success of a mobile application.

Gerald van Engelen, CEO Framez Media

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