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Project Highlights

E-MIX (HK) Ltd., a subsidiary of NSL Group, a Singaporean-listed company, is a leading entity in the chemicals, engineering, and construction sectors across the Asia Pacific region. The company’s primary focus is on promoting Green Construction as the standard in Asia and advancing eco-friendly practices in construction and engineering.

E-MIX’s decision to collaborate with WECREATE was driven by the desire to align its online presence with its dedication to sustainability and innovation. They sought a digital platform that would highlight their industry expertise and educate their audience on the importance of green construction practices.

WECREATE’s strategy was straightforward: to create a digital experience that embodied E-MIX’s principles of sustainability, innovation, and excellence. We designed the website in a way that showcases just that by using clean layouts, high-quality project images, and nature-inspired colours. We optimised the user journey, making it easy for visitors to find the information they needed and engage with E-MIX’s content. The user interface design complemented the overall web design aesthetic while prioritising functionality and usability. We provided E-MIX with a user-friendly CMS, giving them the ability to easily update and manage their website content. E-MIX could add new projects, publish blog posts, or update service information with full control over their digital content, ensuring their website remained current and relevant. We also strategically integrated features into the website to transform it into an educational hub for green construction practices.

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