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Project Highlights

Eatology Asia is a premium meal delivery service based in Hong Kong, offering a variety of science-backed meal plans designed to promote a practical and sustainable diet. The company provides a wide range of meal plan choices, including options for flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans, and those seeking optimal performance. Eatology’s meals are designed by chefs, tested by dietitians, and freshly cooked every day, using high-quality ingredients from reliable suppliers. The company aims to encourage healthier lifestyles by providing delicious and nutritious meals tailored to different dietary needs and preferences.

As Eatology became popular, they recognized the importance of a digital presence that matched their culinary excellence. They looked for a digital agency that could translate their gourmet meals into an impressive online experience and found Wecreate.

We coordinated with chefs and nutritionists to understand Eatology’s values and came up with a goal to design an ecommerce platform that can present Eatology’s meal plans, making it easy for customers to explore and customise their nutritional journey. Wecreate delivered a unique and user-centric ecommerce website for Eatology. The platform featured customisable meal plans, ensuring customers could tailor their selections to meet specific dietary needs. With a responsive design, the website offered a hassle-free experience across devices. High-quality visuals and a secure checkout process reflected Eatology’s gourmet excellence and consumer trust. We implemented subscription management, nutritional information, social media integration as well as delivery tracking, and customer support tools. We also added analytics and reporting tools to provide Eatology with valuable insights so they can refine their offerings based on customer feedback.

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