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Toymate is a large-scale toy manufacturer based in China. As a family business that has been run for many years, the owners passed on leadership to their heirs and with new blood comes a new identity. Toymate approached WECREATE HK for a complete brand revamp from the top down; this included a full redesign of their company logo, branding, website, company brochure and even some of their new products. We started with redesigning the logo and branching out from there; we wanted to remove the antiquated look of the previous generation and bring in a fresh, new design that exuded the friendliness of their toys and would like timeless throughout the next several years. We propagated that fun and friendly feel throughout the rest

of our designs; from the fun, dynamic catalog site to the exciting and extensive brochure, we made sure that the company’s entire outlook was refreshed and ready to give new customers and investors a great impression. We were given the chance to rebrand their packaging as well and were given specific categories to design for them to add to all their diecuts and products. We opted for a very colorful and bright illustration set for their categories to bring out the vibrancy of the products and to make them appealing and fun to their target audience. With WECREATE HK’s entire redesign, Toymate is now ready to approach the new generation with excitement for the future.

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