WECREATE advertising agency hk noje - Noje

Project Highlights

In the line of the luxury fur and leather industry, Noje stands as an epitome of elegance catering to a global clientele. And to match its sophisticated products, they sought for Wecreate’s expertise to provide them a branding direction that suits their vision and their business.

We started understanding their unique selling points. Drawing inspiration from Noje’s offerings, we conceptualised a logo that speaks elegance and versatility. The design was characterised by a clear typeface and symmetrical lines, resembling a snowflake – a nod to both the luxurious nature of their products and their expansive reach across the globe.

We came up with a unique branding strategy that represents the identity of Noje. We created branding guidelines that include colour palette selection, typography guidelines, key messages and visual elements that would resonate with its luxury positioning and global appeal.