WECREATE advertising agency hk anna emore - anna emoré


Anna Emore is a luxury lingerie brand that is aimed at making the modern woman look beautiful with their classy, timeless and intimate pieces. Elegance and modern beauty go hand in hand and with the intricate and highly exquisite designs of Anna Emore, any woman can feel confident, poised and beautiful. Anna Emore contacted WECREATE HK to help them bring this ideology and brand to life with a logo design.

WECREATE HK understood the value of representing the very essence of a brand through the logo design, so we kept our designs focused on using a simple yet delicate logotype that embodied the very ideals and characteristics that the brand wanted to convey. By using a touch of gold in contrast with a black, we allowed the simplicity and sensuality of the logotype to shine whilst retaining that aura of luxury and exclusivity through the color choice.