Aug 16

Web design for Zanghellini & Holt interior architects

Known for their magical architectural and interior designs which can translate fantasy into reality, Zanghellini & Holt Associates has led Hong Kong’s hospitality service to a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Zanghellini & Holt Associates has built lasting relationships with many outstanding restaurants internationally. They follow the trends, adapt fast, and constantly learn from their clients. Their designs are contemporary but not modern, because they think modern is trendy today, old tomorrow.

Web Design and Development Services

We love design, but above all, we love ideas. Zanghellini & Holt Associates has excellent interior design ideas that can highlight the personality of their clients seamlessly.

Sharing the same idea in innovation, Zanghellini & Holt Associates has chosen us to work on its web design and web development. We are passionate about delivering an attractive website to make sure their unique designs will amaze every customer online.

Based on our agile project management solutions, we ensure every part of the website development, from planning & design to coding & testing, has a clear goal and timeline. We’ll make sure all Zanghellini & Holt’s projects will come to live on your screen!

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