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The Modula brand is taking the headphone market by storm with its innovations in the modular headphone space. With Modula, users get to customize their earphones by ordering their preferred speaker units, headbands, cables, and earpads. So when the components are delivered, the users have multiple combinations to explore to arrive at the right kind of headphones.

To continually stay ahead of the pack, Modula needed the right kind of eCommerce platform and app design.

So the Wecreate team stepped in. We offered brand identity development and name development services including creating a captivating logo design that arrests attention.

We also came up with  UI designs that facilitated their e-commerce functionality while adding great UX designs that make it easy for their site’s visitors to stay as long as possible on the site. Finally, the Wecreate took things a bit further by coming up with an app design that adds some style and class to a highly effective app.

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